Great Games

The Nintendo Switch has an incredible list of great games. You can search online and find several good lists with game recommendations, however—many of the games I love on the console are often missing. So here is my list of great games for your Nintendo Switch. The list has two sections; first are games suitable… Continue reading Great Games

Blender Bits

I’ll just this post for all my Blender related notes. Hopefully you will also find them useful. Animating .PNG files The recommended approach to create an animation is to render each individual frame, and then use a utility like ffmpeg to make the animation. To install ffmpeg you can use Homebrew—the awesome missing package manager… Continue reading Blender Bits

Multi-Camera Add-on for Blender

I was in desperately in need of a user-friendly add-on that would allow me to easily set the resolution for each camera in the scene independently. Since none of those I found did the job, I made my own free add-on..

Cargo Bikes

Cargo Bike Brands Brand Trike Bike Front Assist Muscle Butchers and Bicycles Triobike Bogbi Aitour Urban Arrow Babboe Raleigh Circe Cycles Surly Xtracycle Tern Bicycles Cangoo Bergamont Larry vs Harry Asasara Douze Bikes of Interest Bike Design Weight Kid Count Load Bullitt Triobike Cargo Bogbi Babboe City Raleigh Stride E-Cargoville Douze V2 Considerations Awning

Apache / PHP on macOS 12+

For the most agile solution to Apache and PHP on your Mac, install both using Homebrew. To save time I recommend installing in one terminal window, and editing the configuration files in another. Installing Apache Start by removing built-in Apache from macOS: If you get an error, it simply means your macOS version didn’t have… Continue reading Apache / PHP on macOS 12+

Pimping your Cargo Bike

I’ve had a cargo bike for 5 years now, and I’m super happy with it. However, it has been improved over the years to become a lot more family friendly. Read about what I’ve done here.

TIG Welding

I have never welded anything in my entire life, but for about just as long – I’ve been wanting to learn. And now the time has come! Read on to get the basic information needed to get started.