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I’m have been a huge fan of for years – well, a year after it launched actually (summer 2009). It is a great web service for saving your bookmarks – so you don’t loose them when changing computer, phone or tablet.

Pinboard let’s you tag and describe your bookmarks, making it easy to find them later. Some discipline when creating the tags is advised. Mine started in a very orderly fashion, but with no boolean logic for tags (at least not to my knowledge), the tag collection grew over time. Now I have 706 tags – which frankly, is embarrassing.

Anyway, Pinboard is a paid service. If you want something that is free, open source and community maintained – you should check out..


Linkding is a simple open-source bookmark service that allows the users to name, tag and describe bookmarks – and save them to a database. I have installed it on my Raspberry Pi.

Everything you need to know about installation and settings is on the Github page. If you already have a Raspberry Pi running at home, you’ll only need minutes to get it up and running.

Two commands are needed – one to install:

docker run --name linkding -p 9090:9090 -v {host-data-folder}:/etc/linkding/data -d sissbruecker/linkding:latest

And one command to setup a super user:

docker exec -it linkding python createsuperuser --username=joe

It is far from as feature rich as, but it is also free and running on a computer you control. Which is both great and a bit scary, and far from ideal for many:

  • For example I have been warned about the memory card on the corrupting after a while, after a year or something?
  • For me at least, it is not super straightforward to access the bookmarks outside the LAN (but I’m working on it).
  • The entire Pi could get stolen, burn in a horrible fire or get destroyed by crazy kids pouring soda on it.

But if you can handle these risks, then good for you! Maybe you should consider using Linkding to keep your bookmarks organised.

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