Collect Hearts

When a timing period is completed, I want to each a 1/4 of a heart. When I interrupt a session, I want to loose a heart. This way there is an incentive for not interrupting a session – and motivation to keep working (to get more hearts).

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Known Issues for version 2.0 (39)

  1. No known issues.

Known Issues for version 1.1

  1. Timer is not restored properly when the application is launched after it has been quit.


  1. Considering adding 3 hearts. One heart is lost when a session is ended before it is complete. Loose all lives and it is game over! Hearts are reset every day.
  2. Considering storing the daily progress in a calendar.
  3. If hearts and calendar are added, days with hearts left will display the daily graph in color. If the day ended with no hearts, the day entry is shown fully desaturated.