Unboxing iPhone 5

The iPhone 5.

It’s time for me to move on from the iPhone 3GS. I love the design of it, but the App Store has outpaced the hardware. The iPhone 5 was ordered the moment it was made available by Apple.

This is my unboxing of the iPhone 5 from 21st of Sept. 2012.

The box that arrived at the door.
The invoice and shipping details.
The iPhone suspended inside the box using shrink wrapping. First time I’ve seen this. Quite clever.
The shrink wrapped iPhone 5.
Taking off the wrapping was tedious. Apple should find a simple way to make that process easier.
Behold! The iPhone 5 is all its beauty.
The screen has a easy peal screen protector.
It comes right off.
And here it is. The iPhone 5 with a diamond polished edge.
I’m liking this edge visually, but to hold – I still prefer the palm friendly and round shape of the amazing iPhone 3G/S.
Removing the lid below the phone to reveal more hardware, using the paper flap from the documentation envelope under to lift it.
The box comes with a small black envelope containing documentation and the SIM eject tool.
The phone comes with headphones and a charger. Nice.
This box will make it much easier to carry around the wired headphones.
The headphone cable comes winded in this little plastic box for easy transportation.
The charger is compact with a grip on the side, that is a bit too slippery to really help much when removing it from the outlet.
Behind the headphones there is a charging cable.
The charging cable is neatly wrapped using a plastic strip.
The charging cable is a USB to Lightning cable. At least one of the ends of this cable is symmetric and can be inserted in either direction.
It uses a micro SIM card, the smallest standard available.

So there you have it! The iPhone 5 from Apple! It was released late September 2012 and is the first phone I’ve purchased in the UK.


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