Pimping your Cargo Bike

If you use a one of the cheaper bakfiets (Long Johns or cargo bike) to transport your family around, there are a couple of quick upgrades you can add to make it more comfortable.

I’ll add the links (soon) to each item for your convenience.

The most welcome addition was a felt made bag with a velcro closing mechanism, neatly tucked under the seat. No more the noise from rattling equipment!
The corner padding around the box so the kids can put their knees more comfortably on the edge when entering the box.
I replaced the front wheel hub with a dynamo, which is clean and nice.
With the hub dynamo I changed the light on the bike.
It’s best to be heard when biking. The ding dong bell makes the characteristic sound recognized by other cargo bikers.
A nice mobile phone holder on the handle bar; this is the Loop Mount.
I bought a sticker pack for the kids which they quickly plastered all over the box.
This is a hook for hanging the kids bike on the outside of the box. Nice for when the kids get tired biking their own bike. My youngest hurt herself once when getting out of the box, as she forgot about the hook and scraped her back 🙁
A nice seat for a grownup passenger.
For the passenger sitting all the way back, they need foot rests. These are the nicest I’ve been able to find. They are very sturdy, and snaps satisfyingly into position when folded up and down.
The kids love to stand on the bottom beam, so to avoid too much falling and getting hurt – I stuck some anti-slip tape to it.

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